When Putting Things Away Doesn't Help

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I have had a number of clients tell me over the years that what they thought they needed was someone to put their stuff away.  When these clients hired someone to do just that, they were more lost than ever.  Why?  The process of getting and staying organized has to do with understanding the reasons why you are disorganized.  Until you know why, you will continue down the same road that got you into trouble in the first place. 

You must also understand how your brain organizes and "sees" what you have.  It is important to remember that the way to successfully put things in their place is to understand why you are putting something in a particular place.  Once you feel safe that you will be able to recall where items are stored and progress can begin. 

This is true for paper, clothing,  seasonal items or most anything else.  I tell my clients all the time, it is not how I would store something, but rather how you should store something given your unique organizing style.

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