Putting Things "Away"

Judy Guertin Posted in Getting Organized

Welcome to my new blog. In the coming weeks I will share what is going on in the world of organizing, interesting things that I have learned in working with my clients and generally helpful organizing information.

Today I would like to begin with a quote from my very first client eight years ago.  As she stood at the front door, almost too embarrassed to let me in to assist her, she said" I would put things away if only I knew where "away" is."

Those words have stuck with me with every client I have had since or ever will have.  The understanding that things need to have a home is the first step in the process.  We only put things away so that when we need them we can easliy and quickly locate them. This is true whether we are storing papers, holiday decorations, bathroom supplies, yard and garden supplies or anything else really.  If you are having trouble organizing, maybe it is due to items not having a "Home".

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