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How many times do you find yourself feeling I am just too overwhelmed to do anything else?  It is a common problem for all of us as we negotiate the multitude of requests made for our time and talents.  We often succumb to fear, guilt and shame:

I am afraid I won't be able to

I feel bad that I didn't

I am so embarassed that I couldn't

These feelings often keep us from moving forward in our goal to get and stay organized.  In my experience with clients, whether they succeed or not is largely a function of belief.  If you think that there is no hope, why try?  If you think you will never get organized, you are probably right.

Try to think of what life would be like if these burdens were lifted and you actually reached your goal.  You can have friends over, you can find what you want when you need it, you can live with more serenity and peace than you have known in years.

For the next week pick one challenge that you have and make a goal related to that challenge...For example: I can't find my keys when I need to leave the house in the morning.  Develop a plan about your keys:  Put a basket or a hook near the entrance.  Put up a sign "keys go here".  Write a note and tape it to the bathroom mirror; "keys in basket by the door". As you enter the house tell yourself  "keys go in the basket by the door". Once you have this established you can add other items to the list: your briefcase, your umbrella, your cell phone etc...

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